Group Strength & Conditioning Classes

Need a power hour of strength and conditioning? Group training is the right place for you. Get ready to push yourself and your limits in our 60-minute bodybuilding style class, where we will take you through the toughest of exercises, with short rest periods and no machines. Come sweat with us!

Strength & Conditioning Class Benefits


Resistance training like weight lifting exercises in our Swole classes increase bone density and muscle mass which results in less bone and joint damage as we age.

Learn Technique

This is a more relaxed session with more time spent on each movement, perfecting the technique and increasing the weight.


With extra time spent on each exercise, our swole classes allow you to really increase the weight, providing fast gains in strength.

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The Key Movements of Swole Training

Bench Press: Building chest, shoulder, and tricep strength, the bench press stands as a testament to upper body power.

Barbell Curls: Targeting the biceps, barbell curls shape and define the arms, carving the way for powerful and aesthetic physique.

Farmers Walks: More than just a grip exercise, farmers walks engage the entire body, improving core strength, stability, and endurance.

Skull Crushers: Focusing on tricep development, skull crushers add mass and definition to the arms, enhancing both function and appearance.

Building Muscle, Strength and Confidence

Tailored Programs: From compound movements like deadlifts and squats to isolation exercises, we offer programs tailored to your specific goals and abilities.

Emphasis on Technique: Proper form is paramount. We ensure you learn the correct techniques, minimizing injury risk and optimizing results.

Mindful Fitness: Integrating mindful practices, we help you connect mind and body, enhancing focus and fostering a deeper understanding of your physical abilities.

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