Group Strike Classes

Get those boxing gloves on and smash the pads! Improve your coordination, and cardio with this fun fast paced class. This boxing class teaches proper technique with no prior boxing knowledge needed.

Three ways our strike class could benefit you


Boxing is a great cardio workout. For those of you who aren't fans of cardio equipment, boxing is a great way to get sweating and increase your cardio fitness without touching any equipment. Our group boxing classes increase heart health, weight loss, core stability, and upper body strength!

Learn Technique

Avoid those wild haymakers and busted wrists and learn how to master basic technique. Our group boxing classes are designed for beginners to intermediates and will teach you how to correct your technique to get more power from your punch!


Each week you will feel more coordinated and powerful as your confidence grows with your technique.

What our amazing people say about us

Power Punching: Precision Meets Power in Every Strike

Anatomy of the Strike Class:

  1. Foundation First: Every punch is only as good as the technique behind it. We ensure that before you start throwing power punches, you’ve mastered the basics. This approach reduces the risk of injury and ensures the effectiveness of each strike.

  2. The Core Quartet:

    • Jab: The foundational punch and often the quickest. It sets the stage for combinations and keeps your opponent on their toes.
    • Cross: Thrown from the dominant hand, it’s a straight punch that brings in the power from the rotational movement of the hips and shoulders.
    • Hook: A semi-circular punch that targets the side of the opponent’s head, it combines technique and torque.
    • Uppercut: Delivered from a lowered stance, it’s a vertical, rising punch that can be a game-changer in close combat scenarios.
  3. Stance and Footwork: The power of a punch doesn’t just originate from the arms. Proper stance and footwork are integral. We teach you to anchor your punches by connecting the movement of your feet with each strike. This ensures stability, balance, and added force.

Breathe Easy: Harmonizing Breath and Beat in Every Strike

Boxing, while being an exhilarating blend of power and technique, is also an exercise in endurance, agility, and breath control. In our strike classes, we emphasize not just the punches, but the symphony of breath that accompanies each movement, ensuring you maximize your performance while maintaining your composure.

The Rhythmic Blueprint of Our Classes:

  1. Controlled Breathing: Just as a musician masters their instrument, we guide you in mastering the instrument of your body. We begin by introducing techniques to control and regulate your breathing, ensuring that even during the most intense combinations, you remain centered and oxygenated.

  2. Heart Rate Regulation: Intense workouts can send your heart rate soaring. Our sessions teach you to recognize your body’s signals, allowing you to pace yourself, ensuring sustained energy and stamina throughout the class.

  3. Efficient Exertion: It’s not just about working hard, but working smart. We train you to channel your energy effectively, ensuring that every drop of sweat counts. This means maximizing burn and toning without draining your reserves prematurely.

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