Group Strength Classes

Feel great, feel strong and learn proper technique with our Group Strength Classes! Designed to increase your muscle tone and rapidly increase your strength, this 45-minute class will leave you feeling great.

Focusing on a foundation strength movement for 4-week blocks, this class is designed to increase your muscle tone and rapidly increase your strength. With a focus on upper body movements on Mondays, lower body on Thursdays and whole body on Wednesdays

Three ways our strength class could benefit you


Strength training isn’t all about powerlifting and rippling muscles - it’s actually one of the best ways to trim fat, lose weight, tone and condition and improve cognitive function.

Learn Technique

Strength training looks completely different for everyone because it can be adapted and individualised for your body. We’ll teach you how to lift weights the right way, the first time.


Learn a series of skills that you can build upon week by week, as well as build strength. Be exposed to moves that will both challenge and advance you.

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Strength Building 101: Your Blueprint to Power & Resilience

Delve into the world of strength training with our comprehensive Strength Building 101 guide. Whether you’re looking to sculpt your physique, boost your athletic prowess, or simply enhance your everyday functional strength, we have designed a regime that touches upon the cornerstone exercises of strength conditioning.

A Closer Look at Our Core Strength Regime:

  1. Bench Presses: Lay flat and test your upper body might with this classic chest exercise. Not only does it sculpt your pectorals, but the bench press also engages the deltoids, triceps, and even your core for stability, offering a multifaceted strength gain.

  2. Back Squats: Heralded as the king of compound movements, back squats challenge almost every muscle in your body. With an emphasis on the glutes, quads, hamstrings, and core, it’s a foundational exercise for holistic strength and stability.

  3. Deadlifts: Tap into raw power with deadlifts. Engaging muscles from your traps down to your calves, this exercise is crucial for developing posterior chain strength and perfecting the art of lifting safely and effectively.

  4. Pull-Ups: Defy gravity and sculpt an impressive upper body with pull-ups. This ultimate test of relative strength targets the lats, biceps, and shoulders, enhancing your grip strength and upper body muscle tone.

  5. Bent-Over Rows: A potent exercise to fortify the muscles of the back, bent-over rows are key for a well-rounded and balanced upper body strength regimen. They target the lats, rhomboids, and traps, with secondary engagement of the biceps and core.

Strength and Conditioning: The Ultimate Fitness Fusion

Embrace a holistic approach to fitness with our Strength and Conditioning program. This isn’t just about lifting heavy weights or endless cardio; it’s about merging the best of both worlds to forge a resilient, balanced, and athletic physique.

Delve into Our Multifaceted Training Regimen:

  1. Cardiovascular Training: A heart-healthy component that ensures you’re not just building muscle, but also promoting cardiovascular health. This element is essential for improving endurance, promoting fat loss, and enhancing overall stamina.

  2. Core Strengthening Exercises: Your core isn’t just your abs; it’s the powerhouse of your body. Through a variety of exercises, from planks to Russian twists, we engage the entire core, fortifying your midsection, improving posture, and safeguarding against potential injuries.

  3. Accessory Work: Often overlooked, accessory exercises are key to well-rounded strength. Whether it’s targeting smaller muscle groups or refining technique, this nuanced training ensures you’re leaving no stone unturned in your fitness journey.

  4. Bodyweight Movements: Mastering one’s body is a hallmark of true fitness. Through exercises like push-ups, burpees, and air squats, you’ll be challenged to harness your body’s weight, promoting functional strength and agility.

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