The 3 Best Low Calorie Treats That Won’t Break The Calorie Bank.

Here are my 3 Favourite Treats that won't ruin your diet...

1. High Protein Chocolate Pudding (180 cals per serve):

15 grams of protein, tastes almost identical to chocolate mousse, & is in my lunchbox every single day. This is a must try!

2. Paddle Pops (90 cals per serve):
At only 90 cal per pop, this is an easy guilt free treat when on the fat loss train.

3. Aeroplane Jelly Lite (7 cals per serve):

This one reminds me of childhood, those hot summer days when mum brings out the jelly for the kids. It’s low calorie and cheap to make, yes thanks.

But Luke…

These aren’t healthy…

Just remember, the goal of improving your nutrition is consistency, enjoyment, & keeping it simple.

So… while 1 paddle pop per day is going to be fine.

Scoffing down the entire box won’t be great for your long-term goal.

Now, if nutrition frustrates the hell out of you (I know how frustrating it can be to do this alone), Send Through Your Details Here & I’ll gladly give you a few pointers. Just let me know that you read the blog and want some help.

Written by Luke Nivison-Smith, Coach and Founder of Movement Innovation.