3 Proven Tips to Bounce Back After Blowing Your Diet Over Easter

3 Proven Tips to Bounce back After Blowing Your Diet Over Easter

As I reviewed our studio’s numbers comparing February to the week before Easter, I was surprised to see a drastic dip in class attendance and gym inquiries by 60%. It got me thinking about how our clients view fitness and how they can feel motivated at one point but then experience burnout and seek a short break.

This leads me to Easter and the dip in motivation for most, with school holidays, work deadlines, and the overwhelming start to the year taking its toll on everyone. Here are three strategies that have proven effective for our members in the past:


1. Workout intensity isn’t the solution to fat loss for our clients. A single hardcore session won’t counteract all the Easter indulgences. Transformations come from consistency. So, the week after Easter won’t be about pushing hard; it’ll be about easing our members back into their routines without overwhelming them, building confidence that leads to intensity with consistency.

2. We’ll encourage but not force nutrition logs for our clients. It’s less about a diet plan and more about accountability for what they eat. Having a trainer review their food intake often prevents mindless snacking.

3. While everyone enjoys a drink, cutting down to under two drinks per night can improve sleep for our clients. Better sleep leads to feeling better, and feeling better means more energy.

While some may be caught up in post-Easter chaos, these simple action steps won’t drain mental energy or take up much time for our clients. Clients who have followed these tips often experience the best fat loss transformations.

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Written by Luke Nivison-Smith, Owner of Movement Innovation.