Fitness For The New Year

Fitness for the New Year

        Whether you are a seasoned trainer or you are just at the beginning of your fitness journey, It can be hard to kickstart yourself back into gear after a week or two off.

     That is why it is important to focus on the basics in order to get us back on track and a good way to do this is to ease back into training. This can be done by focusing on training with slightly less intensity than usual for seasoned trainers and for beginners just being consistent is a good start.

        When it comes to the resistance training side of things, focusing on good form and creating a platform for the month is a must to ensure that you can progressively overload the weights you are lifting and if you are new to resistance training a simple program with all the basics I:E Push, Pull, Legs for 1-4 days a week can be very effective.

         Cardio can be done with similar principles to resistance training in terms of easing into it if you have had a bit of a layoff. It is important to focus on RPE (Rate of Perceived Excersion), Which is measured on a scale of 1-10.

         A good example of this would be to one week start off with an RPE between 4-6 which means you know you are exercising but can still hold a conversation and then keep increasing that week after week until you get to an RPE of 10 which means Maximum effort activity. This is when it feels almost impossible to keep going and you are very short of breath and unable to talk. 


   These methods may also need to be tailored specifically to those with certain goals and experience levels so that the training can be as effective as possible whilst decreasing the chances of injury from unnecessary fatigue. Most importantly it is good to start the year off right with our training because it creates that standard for the rest of the year if done correctly.

Written by Blake Stegemann, Coach at Movement Innovation. Want to talk to our friendly staff about how to get started? See Info Here.