Nutrition Fundamentals: Fuelling Your Training

Let’s dive into how you can eat smart starting right now to boost your fitness journey.

1. Plate Power:

  • Action Step: Fill half your plate with veggies, one-quarter with protein (like chicken or beans), and one-quarter with carbs (like rice or pasta). Simple swaps, big impact!

2. Snack Right:

  • Action Step: Pick a snack with protein and fibre – think apple slices with peanut butter or yogurt with berries. It keeps you full and fuelled.

3. Hydrate Smart:

  • Action Step: Drink more water! Swap sugary drinks for water to stay hydrated and cut down on extra calories.

4. Goal-Friendly Choices:

  • Action Step: Figure out your goal – whether it’s losing weight or gaining muscle. Choose foods that support your goal. Need help? We’re here!

5. Easy Swaps:

  • Action Step: Swap out sugary snacks for healthier options like fruit or nuts. Small changes like this add up to big results over time.

6. Listen to Your Body:

  • Action Step: Pay attention to when you’re hungry and when you’re full. Eat when you’re hungry, and stop when you’re satisfied. Your body knows best!

7. Plan for Success:

  • Action Step: Plan your meals and snacks ahead of time. It helps you make better choices and keeps you on track with your nutrition goals.

Eating well doesn’t have to be complicated. Take these simple steps today, and watch how they make a real difference in how you feel and perform. Your transformation starts with the choices you make right now!

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Written by Luke Nivison-Smith, Coach and Founder of Movement Innovation.