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Welcome to Movement Innovations, where we offer a range of fitness classes to help you achieve your health and fitness goals. One of our popular classes is our speed training class, located in Tallebudgera on the Gold Coast.

Speed classes for people living in Robina Dc provide a dynamic mix of both cardio & resistance training. Each workout uses a series of short bursts, where you can switch between both sides of the body, working different muscle groups and keeping your heart rate up throughout the entire session. This class is ideal for those wanting to burn maximum calories in the shortest amount of time. It’s a fast-paced session, with short quick rounds that keep you moving, whilst having fun. Speed classes are all about intensity and variation.


Short sharp bursts of energy with an abundance of variety, the HIIT training we do in our speed classes will help you burn more calories than long steady state cardio and provide more fat burning benefits for hours after.

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Our speed sessions have a great variety of exercises that you may not have done before and having a coach in the session makes sure you are nailing every one!


Sometimes when we are solely focused on a singular movement or way of exercising our strength and fitness in other areas declines. Our speed classes ensure continued fitness across a range of exercises and increased strength across the entire body.

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The Structure of Our Speed Classes:

  • Compound Movement Focus: At the core of our power-enhancing program are compound movements like squats and deadlifts. These exercises target multiple muscle groups at once, not only building strength but also improving functional fitness. This makes everyday activities more efficient and less strenuous.

  • Cardio Sprints for Peak Performance: Our classes incorporate high-intensity cardio sprints to elevate your cardiovascular health and stamina. These quick, intense bursts are designed to increase your heart rate, expand lung capacity, and burn calories efficiently. They are also instrumental in honing your speed and agility.

  • Core-Centric Training: The core is the foundation of all physical activities. Our classes include a variety of core-strengthening exercises that are essential for better balance, improved posture, and enhanced power in every movement, whether in the gym or in daily life.

Rowing is not just an exercise; it’s a holistic approach to fitness, blending cardiovascular endurance with strength training. In our rowing classes, you’ll discover more than just the physical advantages.

Rowing is also a practical exercise in posture improvement and foundational wellness. We focus on teaching the nuanced techniques of rowing, ensuring you gain the maximum benefits while minimizing injury risks.

Exploring the Dynamics of Rowing:

  • Focus on Postural Precision: Rowing consistently requires maintaining a straight back and engaged core. This emphasis on proper posture during the rowing motion can greatly benefit your daily life, helping to alleviate back pain and promote an upright, confident posture.

  • Enhancing Cardiovascular Health: As a vigorous heart-strengthening exercise, rowing effectively boosts your heart rate. It enhances lung capacity and overall cardiovascular health. The rhythmic nature of rowing, with its pull and push movements, presents an endurance challenge that not only burns calories but also strengthens your heart.

  • Balanced Strength Development: Rowing offers a comprehensive strength workout. While the legs drive much of the stroke’s power, the core and upper body are equally engaged. This coordinated use of muscle groups from the quads to the lats ensures a well-rounded strengthening workout, making every stroke a full-body effort.

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