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Welcome to Movement Innovations, where we offer a range of fitness classes to help you achieve your health and fitness goals. One of our popular classes is our stamina training class, located in Tallebudgera on the Gold Coast.

Stamina classes are perfect for people living in Clear Island Waters. Fast paced and endurance building. Our group stamina classes include three 10 minute cardio intensive blocks focused on improving your cardiovascular fitness. Focused around both cardio machines and body weight exercises, these heart pumping sessions will get you nice and sweaty, and in that fat burning zone real quick


The diversified cardio fitness in our stamina classes provides an amazing endorphin release, the body’s natural mood regulators which lowers stress and fatigue. Improving your cardio fitness also reduces high blood pressure and risk of heart disease.

Learn Technique

Learn the right movement patterns to keep you performing at your best and injury free for life. When you are giving an exercise your all, sometimes it’s hard to focus on whether you have the right technique. This is where our coaches come in. Keeping an eye on your form and providing encouragement when you need it!


Increasing your cardio fitness doesn’t necessarily come with running the same 5km at the same speed every week. Our Stamina classes are focused around a different energy system every month, improving your entire cardio fitness, so that you can move faster for longer.

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Join us for a fitness challenge in Clear Island Waters that will engage and strengthen every part of your body. Our Stamina classes are designed not just to push your physical boundaries but to completely redefine them. These sessions target every muscle group, boosting your cardiovascular system, increasing muscular endurance, and enhancing mental resilience.

Unpacking the Stamina Class Experience:

  • Kettlebell Swings for Dynamic Strength: Dive into the rhythm of kettlebell swings, a versatile exercise that combines strength and cardio. Target your glutes, hamstrings, core, and shoulders, using the power of momentum to improve overall fitness.
  • Foundational Back Squats: Back squats lay the groundwork for your stamina journey. Focus on form while engaging major muscle groups like quads, hamstrings, glutes, and core. This compound movement is key for building leg strength and overall stability.
  • Step Ups for Functional Fitness: Step up your game with this practical exercise. It’s more than just a leg workout; step-ups enhance your balance and core strength, offering adjustable intensity to suit various fitness levels.
  • TRX Rows for Balanced Strength: Utilize the TRX suspension system for a full-body challenge. TRX rows strengthen your back and engage stabilizer muscles, offering a unique combination of strength and balance training.
  • The Ultimate Sled Push Challenge: Embrace the full-body intensity of the sled push. This exercise engages your legs, core, and arms as you push against resistance, skyrocketing your heart rate and igniting your muscles for an all-encompassing workout.

Welcome to Cardio Corner, a place where fitness innovation transforms traditional cardio workouts. This dynamic zone is specifically designed to enhance your cardiovascular health, refine your physique, and boost your overall stamina.

Explore Our Advanced Cardio Equipment Collection:

  • Rowing Machines for Full-Body Workouts: Immerse yourself in the comprehensive workout experience our advanced rowing machines offer. Mimicking the fluid motion of rowing on water, they engage a wide range of muscles, from your quads and glutes to your back and arms. These machines are not just about burning calories; they also improve muscular coordination and endurance.
  • Biking for Cardiovascular Excellence: Our state-of-the-art bikes provide an exceptional cycling experience. They feature adjustable resistance and ergonomic design, allowing for a tailored workout that focuses on the hamstrings, quads, and calves. This setup ensures a heart-pumping workout, tailored to your fitness level.
  • Sky Ergs: The Next Generation of Cardio: Experience the revolutionary Sky Erg for a unique cardio challenge. Unlike traditional machines, the Sky Erg simulates the action of climbing, providing an intense workout that targets your upper body and core, while also testing your mental endurance. This equipment offers an exhilarating workout experience that feels like conquering a summit.

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