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Welcome to Movement Innovations, where we offer a range of fitness classes to help you achieve your health and fitness goals. One of our popular classes is our stretch training class, located in Tallebudgera on the Gold Coast.

Our 60-minute stretch training class is perfect for anyone in West Burleigh looking to improve their flexibility and mobility, as well as reduce muscle stiffness and tension. Each class is tailored to focus on a different muscle group, so you can receive targeted stretching to meet your unique needs. Whether you’re looking to improve your range of motion, reduce your risk of injury, or simply feel better in your body, our stretch training class is the perfect addition to your fitness routine.


Stretching regularly has a range of benefits, including improving your performance, decreasing your risk of injuries, reducing stress, and lowering tension in the body. Say goodbye to tight shoulders and sore backs with regular stretching and myofascial release.

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Our stretch classes are tailored to individuals, so that you will learn the best stretches for your body and your injuries, how to protect your joints, and the do and don’ts of stretching for recovery and injury prevention.


Our stretch classes are not about how quickly you can touch your toes or your ability to do the splits but rather increasing your range of movement and reducing your pain to enable you to do the everyday things you love. We focus on things like increasing mobility for surfing or gym, reducing your back pain from years of desk work, or getting you prepped for the season of sport ahead.

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Our dedicated stretch classes in West Burleigh, are thoughtfully designed to form a crucial link between intense exercise and effective recovery. By combining both active and passive stretching methods, we offer a comprehensive approach to improving flexibility.

The Dual Approach to Stretching

  • Active Stretching Techniques: In these sessions, you’ll engage in controlled movements that activate your muscles. Active stretching is more than just increasing flexibility; it also builds strength in the muscles being stretched. This approach is perfect for preparing your body for intense workouts and for keeping your muscles agile and responsive.
  • Passive Stretching for Deeper Relief: We also focus on passive stretching, where we use external aids like a partner, strap, or even gravity. This technique allows your muscles to relax fully and stretch to their maximum capacity. It’s particularly effective for alleviating soreness and tension in muscles after workouts, making it a vital part of your post-exercise routine.

Embark on a journey to profound muscular relaxation and healing in our specialized Myofascial Release and Trigger Point Therapy classes. These methods delve beyond superficial relief, reaching deep into the complex layers of your body’s connective tissues and muscle knots, offering significant and lasting benefits.

Exploring the Techniques:

  • Myofascial Release with Foam Rollers: This technique focuses on the myofascial tissues that surround and support your muscles. Factors like stress, injury, or repetitive activities can cause these tissues to tighten. Our expert instructors will guide you in using foam rollers to apply gentle, consistent pressure, helping to stretch and loosen these tissues. The benefits include enhanced flexibility, reduced muscle soreness, and better overall mobility.
  • Trigger Point Therapy Using Therapy Balls: Trigger points, or muscle knots, are small, tight, and often painful areas within the muscle. Our trigger point therapy involves the use of specially designed therapy balls. These balls are used to apply focused and sustained pressure to these knots. The process helps in breaking down the knots, offering relief from pain and muscle tension.

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