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Welcome to Movement Innovations, where we offer a range of fitness classes to help you achieve your health and fitness goals. One of our popular classes is our swole training class, located in Tallebudgera on the Gold Coast.

Swole classes are perfect for people living in Springbrook. Need a power hour of strength and conditioning? Group training is the right place for you. Get ready to push yourself and your limits in our 60-minute bodybuilding style class, where we will take you through the toughest of exercises, with short rest periods and no machines. Come sweat with us!


Our swole classes are all about the slow burn and the quick endorphin release from heavy lifts. Resistance training like weight lifting exercises in our Swole classes increase bone density and muscle mass which results in less bone and joint damage as we age.

Learn Technique

This is a more relaxed session with more time spent on each movement, perfecting the technique and increasing the weight.


With extra time spent on each exercise, our swole classes allow you to really increase the weight, providing fast gains in strength.

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Swole training in Springbrook consists of old school bodybuilding strength training with barbell and dumbbell movements like bench press, barbell curls, farmers walks, & skull crushers.

The Key Movements of Swole Training:

Bench Press Mastery: A fundamental movement in developing upper body strength. The bench press is not just an exercise; it’s a declaration of strength encompassing the chest, shoulders, and triceps.

Sculpting with Barbell Curls: These aren’t just curls; they’re a journey to refined arm strength. Barbell curls focus on the biceps, molding them into a powerful and visually impressive component of your physique.

The Comprehensive Farmer’s Walk: This exercise is a full-body endeavor. Far beyond mere grip strength, farmer’s walks are a holistic workout enhancing core stability, overall strength, and endurance.

The Art of Skull Crushers: This targeted tricep exercise is about more than building muscle; it’s about sculpting the arms. Skull crushers enhance both the functionality and aesthetics of your upper body, adding definition and power.

  • Customized Training Programs: Our approach goes beyond the typical workout routine. We specialize in creating personalized programs that range from powerful compound movements like deadlifts and squats to targeted isolation exercises. Each program is carefully designed to align with your unique goals and capabilities.
  • Focus on Form and Technique: In our training philosophy, technique reigns supreme. We prioritize teaching you the correct form for each exercise. This focus not only reduces the risk of injury but also ensures you reap the full benefits of your workout, leading to optimized results.
  • The Mindful Fitness Approach: Fitness at our facility is more than a physical journey. We incorporate mindful practices into our training, helping you forge a stronger connection between mind and body. This holistic approach enhances concentration, deepens your understanding of your physical capabilities, and enriches your overall fitness experience.

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