1 lie the media make you believe about fitness

Written by Luke Nivison-Smith Owner of Movement Innovation, a gym servicing the Burleigh area.

1 lie the media make you believe about fitness…

How many times have you turned on the tv or opened a social media platform and seen something pop up with the title ‘Lose 10kg’s with insert product/pill, no training or diet needed!’. Sounds like a good deal right?

Here’s the problem with these so-called media articles/ads/posts:

  1. The person sharing this is likely not a fitness or medical professional. 
  2. If it sounds too good to be true it likely is… Just like the old get-rich-quick advertising. They don’t care about the consumer, it’s all about the profits. 
  3. Most people who want to lose weight fast will see better results by finding the deeper issue. Do they consume lots of alcohol, do they have a chocolate addiction, or is uber eats costing more than their weekly groceries? 

In short, if it looks too good to be true, it probably is.

Stacie lost 10kgs by building great nutrition habits and focussing on 3-4 sessions per week at our Burleigh Gym.

We have seen hundreds of transformations and they didn’t need any pills or weight loss shakes. They got professional advice, built great habits, started regular exercise, and surrounded themselves with a community of like-minded people.

Feeling a bit stuck or frustrated with your results? Register your details here and we can meet up at our Burleigh Gym and chat. I love helping people reach their goals stress-free.