Check out these 5 tips for setting up a successful routine to keep the results rolling!

It’s easy for life to get busy and turn your fitness excitement into a daily struggle. We have created 5 tips to help you set a successful routine and help you stay stress free.

Here’s what we want you to do:

1. Schedule your workouts into your diary: It’s easy to get sidetracked and bogged down with work, kids, and other commitments. Figure out 3 sessions that you can make, schedule your workouts into your calendar, and commit to attending that session time. Did you know that our app has the option to add your booking to your calendar? Check it out next time you book a class.

2. Organise your gear beforehand: If you are an afternoon trainer – pack your workout gear and a pre-workout snack in your car ready to go straight to the gym after work. If something comes up, like a late meeting or bad afternoon traffic, you won’t need to drop in home first and will have the extra time up your sleeve to make it to your session on time.

If you are a morning trainer – set out your gym clothes the night before so that you have that visual reminder when your alarm goes off in the morning and so you’re not searching the house for that one missing sock at 5am

3. Recruit a workout buddy: Starting a new routine with a friend or a partner can be easier because you are doing it together. You can provide each other support and it’s more enjoyable to do things with people you love spending time with! We love seeing buddies training together and know how beneficial it can be for results. That’s why we offer the “Buddy Discount”, 10% of yours and a friend’s unlimited memberships when you train together. Got a friend who might be interested? Bring them along to your next session for free.

4. Plan your meals the night before: Eating well has a big impact on our energy levels and our ability to build good fitness routines. It’s easy to get takeout and make bad choices when life is busy. Plan healthy meals and snacks the night or the weekend before. If you build this habit you’ll be unstoppable.

5. Set a bedtime and stick to it: It’s impossible to function properly without quality sleep, to have a good routine you have to prioritise sleep. Turn off the tv 30 minutes before bed and wind down. Also, avoid sleeping in as this will make it difficult for you to go to sleep later that night. The goal is 7 or more hours each night.

These routine builders will help you stay on track and get you in the best shape of your life.

If you ever get stuck, come back to this article and implement these steps ASAP!


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