Boy Oh Boy… Does Winter Kill the Gym Vibe

Over the last 3 weeks, I’ve noticed how unmotivating it is to get out of bed early… (we have a newborn in the house, which doesn’t know day to night).

Which moves me to this:

Winter sucks, but your gym goals don’t change.

Stopping and starting is probably the number 1 reason people fail. 

So instead of me telling you how cold it is, let me share 3 reasons why winter is a great time to stick to a training regime: 

  1. Events slow down- Which means less partying + less alcohol = Fast-tracked results (and Fewer hangovers ha! How good)
  2. Dopamine- It’s the exercise drug that hits you with those endorphins. Life stress never goes away but staying active will release happy hormones and set you up for a more positive week.
  3. Your summer body will thank you- It takes time to see noticeable changes. Everyone spends the entire summer trying to get into shape. Why not start summer in great shape?

 And no… 

You don’t have to be some Instagram influencer saying life is perfect and training in winter is easy.

Because it is going to be challenging, but I have faith you can stay consistent!

You’ve gotta force your butt to the gym and tell that voice in your head that’s telling you to stay in bed to shut up.

And for me, I’ll be battling a newborn on top of winter. So wish me luck haha

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Written by Luke Nivison-Smith, Coach and Founder of Movement Innovation Burleigh.