How the 28 Day Mind & Body Challenge Works & What to Expect

Real talk before we get into it…

This isn’t the biggest loser or a give up everything challenge…

Where you’re competing against others and going to extreme heights to see results…

The goal of the challenge is to turn your dreaded gym session into the highlight of your day.

Now that’s out of the way, let’s go through the details.

How does the challenge work and what to expect?

The challenge starts with a one on one meeting with your coach. This is where we go through your goals and help you set out a stress free plan of attack for your first 28 days.

From there you’ll be introduced into our friendly gym environment where you’ll be taught how to train safely and shown the best ways to get into great shape.

During the 28 Day Challenge

You’ll have a coach checking in and making sure you’re supported.

And this is where you start to develop a better mind & body…

Which is why a lot of our previous challenge participants are motivated to stick with it long term. They’ve found the solution to the frustration they were having and are now part of the supportive community.

If creating a stronger mind & body is something you want to work on this year. Click the link here:
Fill out the form and say you’re interested in joining the challenge.


Written by Luke Nivison-Smith, Owner & Coach at Movement Innovation. Our Studio is Located near Burleigh Heads.