Master The Kettlebell Swing With This Tip

Master this Kettlebell Swing Tip with Expert Guidance: Watch Our Video Tip!

Why Kettlebell Swings Matter at our Burleigh Gym

At our Burleigh Gym, we’re all about maximising your fitness potential and technique. Kettlebell swings are a workout staple that delivers a host of benefits to help you achieve your goals:

  • Full-Body Engagement: Kettlebell swings engage major muscle groups from head to toe, making them a powerhouse exercise for building strength and burning calories.
  • Cardiovascular Boost: The dynamic nature of kettlebell swings elevates your heart rate, providing a cardiovascular challenge that enhances your endurance.
  • Functional Strength: These movements mimic real-world actions, improving your functional strength for everyday activities and sports.


Why Use This Tip?

Most people hurt their backs at the beginning or end of the Kettlebell swing. This simple tip will improve the starting position of your swing and decrease your chance of injuring yourself.

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Video by Blake Stegemann, Coach at Movement Innovation. Want to book an intro meeting, check out how here.