Would You Give Your Dog Lemon Water?

I was scrolling through Insta sipping my morning cup of coffee when a video of an online fitness coach popped up.

‘If you took your dog to the vet and they said it was overweight would you add lemon water to its bowl?’


The vets advice would be to cut portions down and take it for regular walks.

And this is where we become undone…

Having a phone attached to us 24/7 has opened the door to information overload.

And when we try to figure out what ‘diet works’ we get confused and frustrated.

So I’m going to use the KISS principle here…

Keep It Simple

Instead of adding lemon water to increase fat loss, focus on these 3 things:

1. Avoid the high calorie snacks like nut bars, chocolates, and protein bars.
2. Eat 3 quality meals per day and fill yourself up with more fibre like vegetables and fruits.
3. Don’t go eating like crazy over the weekend.

Our members from our Burleigh gym who follow this simple formula stay in great shape all year round.

The only time they come unstuck is when they consume a little too many beverages… 

So remember, don’t try something you won’t be able to do for a long period of time.

Work on the basics.

Because the basics are what most people need before adding any extra special things.

Like lemon water 🍋

Coach Luke  

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