How sleeping 7 hours instead of 6, lost me 5kgs and made me happier

By Coach Luke Nivison-Smith a Personal Trainer and Owner of Movement Innovation.

Firstly for any parents, I’m sorry… I know improving your sleep is probably not an option but I hope you can still get something from this.

For the last 10 years, I have started work at 5 am and finished most nights at 7 pm.

I think I was averaging between 5-6 hours of sleep, which left me extremely tired as I woke up, and I felt like I needed a nap whenever I had an hour gap between sessions. Lack of sleep helped me develop a coffee addiction (3-5 coffees per day, some were double shots), terrible concentration, and zero commitment to training.

My biggest problem was unwinding at night and watching too many Netflix shows, youtube videos, or sporting events. So I decided to try sleeping more, which was hard. You can probably agree with me here it is tough trying to go to sleep when you aren’t tired.

Here’s what I noticed since committing to 7 hours every single night:

More commitment and excitement to train.

Better food choices.

Better workload management.

I was less grumpy.

Better results because I was more active and energised.

If you wake up tired every day and can’t get a regular gym routine happening. Try sleeping a minimum of 7 hours per night for an entire month, I guarantee it’ll fix a lot of things in a really short amount of time.

Yes, for the first few nights you might struggle to get to sleep but if you stick to a consistent wake-up time, it will get easier.

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