Strength Test: What is it & How will it help me?

Unlocking Your Full Potential with Movement Innovation’s Strength Assessment

At Movement Innovation, we believe that understanding your body’s capabilities is the first step towards unlocking your full potential. Our strength assessment, utilising VALD force decks and cutting-edge technology, empowers you to enhance your strength, power, balance, and overall training performance. Let’s dive into the details of these tests and discover how they can benefit you in the real world.

VALD force decks, the pinnacle of performance analysis tools, are dual-sided force platforms designed to provide a comprehensive view of your physical abilities. Through these force decks, we offer insights into:

Balance and Stability: Analyse your balance and stability during various exercises and jumps, uncovering areas for improvement.

Strength and Power: Measure your maximal strength and power output with isometric and ballistic exercises like squats, jumps, hopping, and landing.

Identifying Asymmetries: Detect strength and jump asymmetries, helping you address weaknesses between your left and right sides.

Real-World Application: Force plates are trusted by elite athletes and professional teams worldwide. They offer invaluable insights into how well our body moves and how we can build a stronger body not only for social sport and playing with the kids but for the long game of living a active lifestyle well into your 60+.

Individualised Training Advice: We use force plate data to assess your strength, stability and power, providing you with a Dynamic Strength Index (DSI) and highlighting areas for improvement. Our team provides tailored advice for your training to enhance your strengths, correct imbalances, and reduce the risk of injuries.

Let’s explore some of the performance tests we offer:

  1. Isometric Mid-thigh Pull Test (IMTP)

IMTP is a safe, effective, and reliable measure of maximal strength without the need for heavy lifting. By pulling on a fixed barbell with maximum effort, we assess:

Maximal Strength

Peak Force Output

Relative Strength (per kg body weight)

Left vs. Right Imbalances

  1. Countermovement Jump Test (CMJ)

CMJ is a simple and reliable test for lower-body explosive power. It provides insights into:

Jump Height (cm)

Relative Peak Power (W/kg)

Left vs. Right Imbalances

By comparing your IMTP and CMJ results, we determine whether you need to focus on maximal strength or explosive strength, helping you optimise your training.

  1. Squat Analysis (SQT)

Our force decks analyze your squat, revealing:

Dominant Leg

Squat Depth (indicating mobility)

Any imbalances detected allow us to tailor your training and technique for maximum efficiency and results.

  1. Hand Dynamometer: Grip Strength Test

Grip strength is a powerful indicator of overall body strength and longevity. Improving grip strength can enhance daily activities and performance in strength training exercises. We assess grip strength for both hands and provide insights based on age and gender.

Real-World Benefits:

Enhanced whole-body strength

Improved daily activities

Reduced risk of disease

Greater strength in lifting and carrying

Your Results:

We provide you with a comprehensive report summarising your performance in each test, enabling you to understand your strengths and weaknesses fully.

Our performance assessment is not just about numbers; it’s about unlocking your full potential in the real world. By identifying your strengths, weaknesses, and imbalances, we create tailored training advice that guide you towards becoming the strongest, most resilient version of yourself.

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Written By Aaron Ashdown, Exercise Physiologist & Trainer at Movement Innovatio