Training While Eating Fewer Calories Tip

Or otherwise know as Training whilst in a caloric deficit


             To lose weight effectively we need to utilise a caloric deficit. A caloric deficit simply means consuming less calories than we are burning off. When it comes to training whilst in a caloric deficit there will definitely be a noticeable difference in energy levels from day to day.

        To combat the fatigue it is very important to get good quality sleep and stay hydrated throughout the day. These things combined with a well balanced diet will help decrease the chances of losing too much strength during the weight loss period (a little bit of strength loss can happen).

              It is also important to track your weight, reps and sets each workout to ensure that you are maintaining as much strength and muscle mass as possible (a reduction in muscle mass can also happen).

             The reason being for all of these methods is so that when the weight loss period is over it doesn’t take too long to build the strength back and maintaining as much muscle mass as possible is also very beneficial when it comes to the muscle and strength building phase when it starts again.

Video by Blake Stegemann, Coach at Movement Innovation. Want to book an intro meeting, check out how here.