Why Do We Test & Record Member Results

It is simple to push every person to the brink of failure and think we did a good job as a coach and call it a day…

But the question we need to ask…

Is the member improving every month they train at our studio?

Yes… Great, we are on track

No… How can we help this person improve next time?

Now… Let’s look at it from the side of the client (You reading this right now)

What are the benefits of testing and recording your results?

  • It will give you a starting point
  • It will give you feedback on how well training is going
  • It will allow you to set short/long term fitness goals


Let’s give an example of what we did recently to test and record members results: (You can use this if you want)

Our focus last month was power.

All our fitness was based around short max effort sprints with long rest periods.

We decided to test on the assault bike because it’s impact free and great for sprints.

Each member had 10 seconds to get the bikes RPM as high as it could go.

They would rest for 2 minutes and then have 1-2 more goes.

Then we recorded the results to retest later in the year.

Here are some videos of our team in action: (For you to see how we did it)

So how will this help you with your training?

Training becomes repetitive and easy to give up.

If you can set goals, track results, and show yourself that you’re improving with data (times, reps, strength).

It’ll make training a lot more rewarding and give you a drive to keep progressing.

If you’re somebody who doesn’t know where to start and would like some help, Jump on our contact us form, fill in your details and we’d be happy give you some guidance.

Written by Luke Nivison-Smith, Coach and Owner of Movement Innovation. Our Studio is Located in Burleigh.