5 Tips To Get The Most Out Of Your Training


1.  Set your week up for success- when starting training or getting back into it after some time off, the first step is the hardest, so if you can set your week up in advance this will make it easier to be consistent, remove any barriers and get you started on the right foot. Plan your sessions for the week around other commitments- work, family, social life etc. Plan the sessions that you can definitely make it to and get everything set up to help you make it to these sessions including clothing, food prep etc. Aim to nail your consistency in the first few weeks over weights or intensity.


2. Follow the process- the MI program is designed to give you a well-balanced program to improve your strength and fitness with progressive overload week to week. Rest and recover during the session as planned and post session to allow you to give 100% for each set and each workout. We know that consistency is key, building the foundations of training will lead to better long-term results and random training leads to random results. We can always modify certain exercises if needed and will give you options that are best suited to you.


3. Learn correct technique- remember you are training to achieve your OWN specific goals, it’s easy to get caught up on what is going on around you in a busy class but don’t worry about anyone else, be in the moment and concentrate on your own form with each exercise and don’t rush your sets. The coaches will be on hand to give you any tips or feedback to help you move safely and effectively with each movement.


4. Ask plenty of questions- the MI coaches are here to help you on your fitness journey. They have a wealth of knowledge and experience so if you have a question don’t hesitate to reach out during the session or in private. We love to see you succeed and are here to help whenever possible.



5. Have fun and enjoy yourself- Last but not least, MI is a community of like-minded people who are all motivated and enjoy their training. Group sessions are designed to be fun and engaging and we encourage members to connect throughout their fitness journey. We want all members to enjoy their sessions and feel good during and after the session. We also run regular community group events that are designed to be fun and challenging with a social aspect.

Now you’ve got the tips to get the most out of your training, learn how to set up a good routine.

Written by Aaron Ashdown, Coach and Exercise Physiologist at our Burleigh Gym.