The Top 3 Healthy Meal Delivery Services To Use During the 28 Day Challenge

Grabbing healthy meals on the GO or having them delivered to your door can make life easier when you’re trying to eat better quality foods.

Here are 3 meal company’s that you can grab from your local service station, Woolworths, or order online.

We’ll also list what we liked and didn’t like about the meals.

1. My Muscle Chef

Pros– They are great for hitting protein goals, you can find them at most fuel stations (The Ampol across from us stocks them), they have a variety of different meals, and you can order them online and have them shipped to your door step.

Lacking– They don’t usually have a lot of vegetables, some of the meals can be a bit high in calories, and sometimes they can be low on stock at service stations.

Overall– Great if you’re on the road but long term you might get sick of the same meals.

Website: My Muscle Chef

2. Youfoodz

Pros– They have lots of different styles of meals, they’ve been around for a long time, and can find them also at most fuel stations next to My Muscle Chef (The Ampol across from us stocks them), they have lots of variety, and you can order them online and have them shipped to your doorstep.

Lacking– The quality of the vegetables are sometimes questionable, the variety of meals are better if you order them online, and they cost slightly more than most companies.

Overall– Fine if you’re out and about, we’d suggest you order these meals if you’re looking for quality.

Website: Youfoodz

3. Supermarket Meals (Cheapest option)

Pros– These meals are usually frozen and easy to put in the freezer, they are almost half the price of the other meals, & taste pretty fresh when heated up for a frozen meal.

Lacking– The size can be on the smaller side & you need to check the calories on the back because there are healthy meals and unhealthy meals stocked.

Overall– Affordable & easy to stock up the freezer for unplanned lunches and nights you don’t feel like cooking

Aldi stock a great Sweet Potato Cottage Pie.

Sorry, I couldn’t find the Aldi Cottage Pie online.


These are great options if you’re busy or hate prepping meals. We’d suggest you try a few different options to see what your taste buds like the most.

If you want some more info about our Intro Challenge Works & What to Expect, follow this link.

Written by Luke Nivison-Smith, Coach and Owner of Movement Innovation. Our Studio is Located near Burleigh.